The default distribution of Apache Rave contains Apache Tomcat 6 as application server. For local development the Cargo Maven 2 plugin is configured to use Tomcat 6.

Apache Rave should work with other application containers as well, but sometimes extra configuration is necessary. If your application container isn't mentioned on this page, it only means we have not tested it yet.

Custom Apache Tomcat 6 installation

To install Apache Rave inside an existing Tomcat 6 instance, make the following changes:

Increase memory

Create bin/ with the following contents:

export JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m"

Add more sources for the classpath

Modify conf/



Delete default contexts

In the webapp folder delete existing ROOT and docs folders. The OpenSocial container (Shindig) needs the ROOT context.

Copy artifacts

Copy the shared/lib folder plus the contents of the webapp folder to your Tomcat installation.

Apache Tomcat 7

See the instructions for Tomcat 6.

Jetty 6

Welcome page redirect

Apache Rave works with Jetty 7, but extra configuration is needed to redirect the user from http://localhost:8080 to the login page on http://localhost:8080/portal/login. By default Jetty uses the JspServlet for the welcome page, Apache Rave uses org.springframework.web.servlet.DispatcherServlet from the Spring Framework.

In order to let Jetty use the DispatcherServlet:

  • Modify the webdefault.xml
  • Go to entry for the servlet org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.DefaultServlet
  • Change the value of the init parameter welcomeServlets to true.

Root context for Apache Shindig

The OpenSocial container (Apache Shindig) runs under the root context. In Jetty 6 extra configuration is needed for the root context.

Add a root.xml to the contexts folder which will have a simple context defined for Shindig with the following entries:

<Set name="contextPath">/</Set>
<Set name="war"><SystemProperty name="jetty.home" default="."/>/webapps/root</Set>

Jetty 7

The Welcome page redirect configuration is also needed for Jetty 7. Jetty 7 does not need the extra configuration for the root context.