Portal administrators can optionally enable CAPTCHA protection on the new account creation page. The steps for doing this in the source release are the following:

1) Get reCAPTCHA Public and Private Keys

You must sign up at the reCAPTCHA site to obtain public and private key strings for your host domain. For testing purpose, you use localhost as your domain.

2) Add Keys to Apache Rave

Modify the file rave-portal-resources/src/main/resources/portal.properties. Change the portal.captcha.* properties to


When building Apache Rave from source, you should also similarly modify the test property files rave-components/rave-core/src/test/resources/portal.properties and rave-portal/src/test/resources/portal.properties for proper build testing.

3) Build and Deploy Apache Rave

Use mvn clean install as usual.