Download a distribution package

Releases of Apache Rave are available for download.

Build a distribution package

To build your own distribution with default settings follow these steps:

  • Get the source
  • Build your distribution package with

    $ mvn -Pdist

Deploy the distribution

In the directory rave-portal/target you can find the rave--bin.tar.gz and file that contains the full Apache Tomcat 6 installation. The contents of these archives are identical. Unpack one of these archives on your server and go to the Tomcat directory in the console or command prompt.

Start Tomcat


$ ./bin/


> bin\startup.bat

Visit the portal

Open url http://localhost:8080/portal in a browser.

Stop Tomcat


$ ./bin/


> bin\shutdown.bat

For more Tomcat options, see the Tomcat 6.0 documentation.