The Open Mashup Description Language is a specification designed to allow the import and export of pages, layouts and widgets between different applications. The goal is to be able to export page data from one application (such as Apache Rave) and then import that information into another application or portal. Please read the specification for more information.

Enabling OMDL features in Raves user interface

Rave supports both import and export of OMDL pages in an xml file format. To access the user interface elements for this, you must first update the following setting found in, and then restart Rave.


This will add the import and export menu options.

Exporting a page

From any existing page in Rave, click the page menu where you should see an "Export page" option. Click this to download the current page as OMDL xml.

Importing a page

Click the plus icon. (The icon appears next to your list of pages in Rave) This should open a tabbed dialog box where you can add a new page as normal, but also now choose to upload an OMDL xml file. (You can upload the page you previously exported, to see the results) Once the page has been imported, you should see the same page view as the original with all of the widgets also visible.