Welcome to Apache Rave!

Apache Rave a new web and social mashup engine that aggregates and serves web widgets. Rave is targeted as engine for internet and intranet portals and integrates Apache Shindig & Apache Wookie to provide OpenSocial & W3C widget support, respectively...

Apache Rave team is proud to announce the release of Apache Rave  .

Status of Apache Rave

Apache Rave brings together and combines several pre-existing projects and teams working towards more or less the same or overlapping goals. Each of these projects is already in production, but Rave is a brand new start. We are bringing together the best from each of the original projects in a brand new code base.

The goal for Apache Rave is to become a lightweight and open-standards based extendible platform for using, integrating and hosting OpenSocial and W3C Widget related features, technologies and services. It will also provide strong context-aware personalization, collaboration and content integration capabilities and a high quality out-of-the-box installation as well as be easy to integrate in other platforms and solutions.

The intended features include:

Core Features

  1. Advanced OpenSocial compliance and optional features support
  2. Native W3C Widgets support through Apache Wookie
  3. OpenSocial persistence and SPI (Service Provider Interface) implementation
  4. Self-service application administration including security, gadget management and page templates
  5. User and group management with full privacy model
  6. Gadget repository with life-cycle management (install/update/remove) and extended meta data (categories, comments, ratings, etc.)
  7. Dynamic and highly customizable front-end engine (skins, pages, tabs, layouts, navigation)
  8. Full OAuth support
  9. Support for security restrictions on both Gadgets and page/tag/layout customizations
  10. Set of common and general purpose Gadgets to be usable out-of-the-box
  11. Support for inter-gadget messaging with examples

Extensible Features

  1. Pluggable persistence
  2. Pluggable security model with example modules for authentication and authorization
  3. Support for OpenSocial extensions not (yet) defined in the specification
  4. Support for other (non-standard, yet) pluggable container services and extensions

Beyond these initial features the vision and scope for Apache Rave goes much further and includes integrating and providing other highly desired/needed features like:

  1. pluggable and extendible content integration and management services
  2. space extensions and management features, like http://wiki.opensocial.org/index.php?title=Space_extension
  3. context aware features and extensions integration for personalized and social network and (mobile) device oriented sites and channels
  4. enhanced client-side widget messaging, coordination and co-location support like using OpenAjax Hub and Registry
  5. space, page and Gadget based linking, navigation, coordination and collaboration
  6. inline widget rendering, like http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SHINDIG-1402
  7. Activity Streams support
  8. integration with other social networks like with W3C Federated Social Web Incubator Group, OneSocialWeb and OStatus
  9. integration with Apache Wave
  10. runtime services monitoring, reporting and configuration/life-cycle management support