Individual classes and methods should be covered with JUnit tests. In order to check the overall features of the Apache Rave project, integration tests are needed. For Apache Rave we use JBehave to develop and run test stories. JBehave uses Selenium to start a browser session and perform the tests in the browser (Mozilla Firefox).

System requirements

Running the integration tests requires more memory than a normal build. It is recommended to raise the memory settings:

export MAVEN_OPTS="-Xmx768m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m"

Run all tests

The integration tests can be triggered as integral part of the portal build from the rave-project directory:

mvn -Pintegration-tests

If you only want to run the integration tests without building the whole project execute this from rave-integration-tests directory.

Maven will delete the existing H2 database in /tmp, start up the portal, run all tests and then shut down the portal.

Run individual test stories

Individual stories that extend org.apache.rave.integrationtests.stories.PortalStories can be run as junit tests in your IDE.

For individual stories Maven will not automatically start or stop the portal. You need a running portal on http://localhost:8080/